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Homeland Supplier eases the burden of government contract administration with available pre-award and post-award contract services. Our goal is to allow our suppliers to concentrate on what they do best, making the best possible product.

In today’s world, the complexities of government contracting are increasing with many government procurement agencies constantly requiring updated technological requirements, such as the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).As a result, we offer our experienced staff, with a well earned reputation as a knowledgeable partner-company to the U.S. military. With numerous ongoing supply chain contracts from the DoD, DLA and some of the largest OEMs in the world, our pre-award and post-award services ensure the material is delivered on time, at the best price and meeting all contract performance requirements.We can be counted on to provide contract administrative services and ongoing supply chain management to support the U.S. Military war fighter. Whether it’s for a single line item or managing, stocking and military packaging for multiple line item contracts of several thousand parts, Homeland Supplier has the know-how and experience to support the various mission objectives of the DoD. The DoD has shifted away from a reliance on holding their own inventories and management of parts to a reliance on industry based practices. That means the relationships the DoD form with their integrated supply chain require a strong supply chain partner. As  an industry partner, Homeland Supplier is capable of offering improved value-added support capabilities. We are well equipped with trained and experienced personnel to meet the administrative objectives of today’s U.S. Military. We can provide the DoD with many administrative benefits such as increased performance on contract objectives, reduce workload, lower administrative processing time, as well as increased material readiness by providing just-in-time stock material.

We appreciate the tremendous service the U.S. Armed forces provide to our great nation and we are honored to be of service to our brave military men and women.

As one of the most experienced military contractors in the U.S. government procurement system, our packaging department’s personnel have a vast amount of knowledge and experience fulfilling the packaging and labeling requirements of the DoD’s numerous military packaging specifications. Homeland Supplier’s capabilities include complete mil-spec packaging of material of various sizes and requirements in accordance with the numerous and strict requirements of the U.S. government. Whether your requirement is for heavy duty custom made crates and platforms or the handling of fragile electrical components, our packaging specialists are perceptive and well trained to inspect, package and label your goods prior to transport. We guarantee that the stringent requirements put forth by the Department of Defense are properly adhered to and the materials are protected from deterioration and damage to ensure safe transport to their intended destination as well as being properly labeled and easily identifiable upon receipt by the government customer.

Our company fully supports the government’s key initiative to be more environmentally conscious and  limit the amount of paper that is generated from the overall government procurement process. One essential tool recently implemented by the government to reduce paper and consolidate the access of contract related reports and documents is the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system. The WAWF system is an electronic system that records the transfer of material into the government’s hands. Our company’s personnel are extensively experienced in all aspects of the military logistic process, including WAWF. Our personnel use WAWF daily to electronically submit paperless invoices on hundreds of contracts. WAWF enables us to have access to the necessary documentation to do business with the DoD, including the capability to paperless receive, record and invoice contracts to the DoD through an efficient paperless application.

WAWF is the preferred application of the DoD for access to receiving reports, creating invoices and accepting contracts. WAWF increases the speed of payment by the DoD by assisting to eliminate lost or misplaced paperwork that can hold up payment to the government’s supplier. WAWF enables suppliers and the government customer to confirm material shipments are received by the end user and also send invoices electronically.

From contracts for only a few units to contracts for tens of thousands of units, our personnel are well trained in the processes and procedures used to appropriately package and label materials in accordance with military specifications. Our capabilities include specialized packaging such as military RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). In addition, we offer military packaging consisting of anti-static Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) shielding packaging, as well as moisture and corrosion inhibitor packaging.

Custom Crating

We provide crating services at our in-house wood working facility, including complete crating solutions customized to your specific requirements. Each wooden platform or crate is built I/A/W military specification requirements and to exact measurements by our skilled experts. Each crate is design and built to specifications tailored to ensure the safety and secure transport of material to the required destination(s).

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

In addition, there is a certified hazadous materials (HAZMAT) specialist on premises. All HAZMAT orders are properly prepared in accordance with HAZMAT and dangerous goods shipping guidelines, and packaged in accordance with military specifications and standard MIL-STD-129. Our certified HAZMAT specialist follows all government guidelines pertaining to packaging and shipment of hazardous materials prior to any materials leaving our facility. Our HAZMAT personnel are trained to ensure that the appropriate documentation and forms are accurate and complete prior to shipment, including properly packaging, marking and labeling of all hazardous materials in accordance with government regulations.

Homeland Supplier works closely with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) to ensure that both, the material and packaging inspection requirements on all government contracts is completed prior to reaching our military personnel. Homeland Supplier is committed to providing the highest quality products to the brave American war-fighters.  Quality is a cornerstone of our company. A part of our basic philosophy of Quality, Integrity and Performance first and above all else. Homeland Supplier aims for the highest standards in the industry.

We are committed to meeting the government’s stringent quality standards. Homeland Supplier’s quality system is in strict conformance with the requirements of DCMA.

Our Quality Department is experienced and well trained in all types of inspections. We maintain an ongoing partnership with DCMA to quickly and thoroughly inspect thousands of parts prior to deployment into the field.

Quality personnel work side by side with the on-site DCMA Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) to facilitate the inspection and movement of material. inspection and delivery on parts is efficiently processed through the Quality Department in part because the government source inspection is able to be performed on the material and the military preservation and packaging requirements simultaneously at our facility.

Our government customers can access a real time inventory database for material available immediately from our warehouse. We organize and manage an inventory of spare parts. The government customer can access our system, with just an NSN, of approximately 10,000 line items controlled by our warehouse management system. We ensure that all our material has proper documentation and traceability prior to shipment. We are able to provide faster shipping times and avoid being at the mercy of suppliers’ holding the order or out of stock situations. Our material readiness program allows us to pre-order, receive, store and ship supplies to military customers around the world on a just-in-time basis. By having a large inventory we are able to react more quickly to the needs of the government customer that may need the material quickly. We are able to hold the material in our warehouse and allow us to be more responsive and closer to the American war-fighter.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle material of all shapes and sizes, from heavy equipment to delicate aerospace spares. Ground and motor freight carriers arrive to make pick-ups and deliveries daily.

Our facility has a wood shop to meet all palletizing and crating requirements meeting Wood Packaging Material (WPM), International Plant Prevention Convention (IPPC), and ISPM 15 specifications.

We maintain a wide selection of packaging supplies in house to ensure a quick turnaround and expeditious delivery to our customer base.


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