Aerospace & Defense : Products

Homeland Supplier is a prime supplier of aerospace material to the Department of Defense. We are a trusted partner with decades of experience who can provide the right material, at the right price, at the time necessary to meet the logistical requirements of our customer’s ongoing readiness needs.

We offer a diverse range of aerospace products such as AN, NAS and MS hardware, adhesives, aerospace seals, to aerospace structural components. We have supplied material for just about every major military platform and aerospace project from the Department of Defense. We carry the products of many major aerospace companies to accommodate the needs of our military customers

Homeland Supplier is a leading source for hardware and fasteners, offering a wide array of hardware components in stock for aerospace, marine, and fleet uses, including both American standard and metric fastener dimensions.

We are able to identify and supply most types of hardware in accordance with AN, MS and NASM specifications. We are a leading military supplier for hardware and precision components such as nuts, washers, rivets, o-rings, bolts and special fasteners. The value of our procurement network is improved product quality, reduced lead times, and increased customer satisfaction. Our Quality Manual is in strict accordance with criteria ensuring our customers receive the best value possible. Our Quality Control System also helps to reduce or eliminate waste and rework.

We are a leading supplier of the most diverse array of genuine OEM electrical parts in the government procurement system.

Homeland Supplier carries an array of electrical products, such as AC and DC motors, batteries, wire, fuses, diodes, power supplies, connectors, transistors, probes, switches, and relays, to name a few. With our large inventory of electrical components, there is a good chance that we have what you require. And if we don’t, we are probably able to fulfill your requirements through by accessing our large base of manufactures and suppliers. Our business philosophy is relationship driven and our goal is to consistently deliver superior value.  We take pride is meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers and providing products manufactured to withstand harsh and hazardous environments.

Homeland Supplier has an extensive history of supplying various mechanical products and working in a wide range of military mechanical component requirements.

We represent some of the most qualified manufacturers and OEMs in the government procurement system. We supply numerous types of products from gauges to landing gear systems, as well as hinges, casters, hoists, binders, couplings, gear boxes, drive trains, and many other components all of which can be found in our inventory. If we don’t have it in stock, we will work with you to get you the right part from one of the many qualified manufacturers or OEM partners we represent.

We supply paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related MRO products. We focus on what matters and do it right because our customer demands first class service, the right specification, the highest quality product, the right price and the fastest turn around time.

We remain a trusted supplier to the U.S. military, and today we have expanded our offering into a full line of chemical products and serve thousands of customers worldwide. – The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.

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